Pitch Controlled Automatic Tapping Machine

Eifco pitch controlled automatic Tapping Machine gives precise and rapid production with high accuracy. The machine is supplied with max no of strokes 45mm, no. of strokes 50mm. The main motor power 0.75kW, spindle speed power 1340mm, 760mm, 420mm. It consists of extra accessories with a tap holder.

Specification ET M8 SPECIFICATION: All dimensions are in mm
Tapping capacity in steel M3 to M8 Eifco - Tapping Machine
  • Capacity : M3 to M8
  • Capacity : M8 to M16
  • Capacity : M10 to M30
Max spindle stroke (mm) 45
Max no of Strokes / min 50
Main motor power (kW) 0.75
Spindle speed power (rpm) 1340, 760, 420
Nett weight Kg 125
Extra Accessories: Tap Hoplder Tap Holder with 1 No Rubber collect
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